10The mission of Montana Diesel Club is to have a place for everyone to come together and set aside their differences and have some fun with diesels. We don’t want just diesel owners apart of it either we want everyone to have a say and maybe you don’t own a diesel but still love them that’s okay, that’s what the whole club is about. We want this to be known not only throughout Montana but everywhere and people will be jealous that they have such an awesome club here in Mt. Also we cant do it on our own so share the page and tell your friends!! Lets get this thing started!!


14Were about getting some sense of pride in being a diesel owner here in Montana. We want to be known and have all of unite in a way. So when we see a sticker or someone wearing a sweater of the diesel club we’ll know that they’re part of the club. This is a place if you have a question for your truck or have an idea for the page, were open to ideas. Maybe you want to get your truck showcased and show it to the guys and girls of Mt. Powerstroke, Duramax and Cummins are all welcome. Also we want the page to be funny and if you have a good joke to tell don’t be afraid to msg it in. And also even if you don’t have a diesel its still cool, you will soon im guessing and hey nothings wrong with just being a fan and joining the club its open to everyone. Alright guys lets get this out there and make this big!!! Our mission is to make this known and let it be famous here in Montana!!